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Question   Your craft.
Your photos take me right into the feeling you have captured.. At least what I have captured.. Because my husband has known you earlier in his life, I feel as though I do. There is not a week that goes by that Brent doesn't mention Beak, Nigger Head, and you..about something.. Your time with him is valued as he doesn't mention more current friends often..Your work seems to mimic your personality, Smart, Easy going, and Gentle.
Brent hasn't viewed your web site.. I looked up your Christmas card from last year this morning, and looked you up.. He will see it tonight!! We miss you and hope all is well!!

- Nancy Schwarz January 25, 2016

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Question   Art
Earl, I have always appreciated your eye for art. I hope my project to have one of your works hanging in my home soon.

- Meredith Moore February 04, 2013

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Question   Earl, we have a mutual friend Aggie
I love your images. I am on BetterPhoto.com too and other places. I especially loved the colorado shots. The musician I believe it was in your Charleston-Savannah section was wonderful. I visited both those places 2 years ago. I want to go back.

I am on facebook too.

-  August 21, 2010

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Question   your gallery
just vistied your gallery for the first time and thoughly enjoyed my visit, you are very talent and have a great eye for capturing the moment. keep up the good work your work bring pleasures to many. Rita

- Rita K. Connell September 21, 2009

  Answer What a great way to start the and the week! Thank you Rita.

- Earl Hilchey  September 21, 2009

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Question   This is great...
Not bad for a tired old Architect

- Fred Bass June 25, 2009

  Answer Hey Earl. This is great. A far cry from HS drafting. You have talent, my friend.

- Patricia Hansen Ditkoff  July 28, 2009

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Question   Wonderful
Earl, I envy you your talent. I'd love to be able to take good photos. Most of mine end up deleted! Out of 999, I have 2 I'm proud of, and they were both accidents!

Come take pictures of Kansas (preferably the Baldwin City area).

-  January 19, 2008

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Question   Your pics of Maine
Earl your photgraphs are wonderful.

Any pictures of you and Dan?

-  July 09, 2007

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